What is Vinyl Printing ?

There are a number of different ways and materials to use for garment printing, Vinyl printing involves creating or input the design onto your chosen program which is then cut out of a sheet of Vinyl using a computer-controlled blade, the next step we refer to as ‘’weeding’’.  

Once the Vinyl has been cut you are still left with an intact full sheet of vinyl, we use a Weeding tool or razor blade to pull off items not needed to create the desired look, once we have removed all unwanted pieces of Vinyl the design is ready to be printed otherwise known as heat transfer.  

We use compression heat plates to transfer the design onto your chosen garment, the heat plate heats up to an extremely high heat, once the desired heat has been reached we can begin printing, your garment gets placed between the two plates and the area we will be printing on gets compressed and heated to prepare it to adhere to the Vinyl, the vinyl design then gets placed onto the garment and is the compressed with the heat plates once the time required has passed the vinyl backing gets removed and your design is printed (transferred) in place on your garment, we do take an extra step to ensure the design is adhered as best as possible and will heat compress it for a second time this is referred to as a sealing print. 

Everything we do is by hand and made to order.  

Vinyl printing can be transferred to most fabrics but most commonly Cotton, Polyester or a blend of the two. 

We cannot print on anything with elastane in it as it will melt the fabric on the heat press, we also steer clear of silk, although it is possible to print on silk there is a big margin for error with the heat press.   

As seen on our images we can offer multi colour designs but we are limited to the amount of detail we can achieve, as vinyl printing is a solid material we overlay different Vinyl colours to create an image but finer intricate detailing is not best suited to Vinyl printing.


Caring for your Vinyl print

To get the most years possible out if your Vinyl printed garment we recommend that you do not expose it to extreme long term heat, we don’t mean don’t go out in the sun with it we recommend; 

Avoid tumble drying your item as the intense heat can over a period of time dry out and crack the vinyl which results in it peeling. 

Avoid constant high temperature washing as this could result in the same effect. 

Intense heat is used to seal the Vinyl onto your garment over exposure to high heats could wear down the adhesion. 

We can with full confidence say with the proper care your garment should last you years to come.


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